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How Tantalum Is Used as a Superconductor

Azo Materials published an interview with Cristian Cretu of H.C. Starck Fabricated Products about how metals like niobium and tantalum are used in superconducting applications. H.C. Starck supplies niobium and tantalum for low temperature superconductor wire manufacturing.

Study Says Most US Companies Still Not Declaring Conflict Minerals

A study by Global Witness and Amnesty International has found that the majority of public companies in the US are still failing to properly disclose whether their products contain conflict minerals. Conflict minerals can be gold, tin, tungsten or tantalum sourced from conflict areas such as the Democratic Republic of Congo.

iTSCi Starts Up Due Diligence Program to Address Conflict Minerals in North Kivu, DRC

iTSCi announced the start of its industry program for traceability and due diligence in of tin, tantalum and tungsten in two areas of North Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo; in the remotest mines in Lubero territory north of the provincial capital of Goma and in the most historically infamous conflict minerals mining areas of Walikale [...]

Tantalum Plays Its Part for Research Into the Nature of Stars

Business in Vancouver reported that TRIUMF, Canada’s national laboratory for particle and nuclear physics, has just completed a new, advanced rare-isotope laboratory called ARIEL including a state-of-the-art electron linear accelerator. Electrons in the accelerator are direct on targets made of beryllium, tantalum and other materials, and the results isotopes are sent off for experimentation.

Mining in Ethiopia Could Be a $5 Billion Industry

According to a report from Ventures Africa, Ethiopia could be sitting on a rather large economic opportunity. A 2013 study indicated that the mining sector - including tantalum deposits in that country - could be worth as much as $5 billion.

Rwandan Tantalum Income Drops on Weaker Prices

Rwanda has experienced a decrease of roughly one fifth in mineral exports due to decreased tantalum prices. The country played an important role in global tantalum production in 2012, according to Bloomberg.