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Putting an End to Conflict Minerals in the Congo

Resource Investing News reporter Damon van der Linde interviews industry leaders from ITRI and TIC as well as human rights groups the Enough Project and Global Witness about the ongoing mission to end the trade of conflict minerals from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Gippsland: Heemskirk Tin Project Update

Gippsland Limited (ASX:GIP,FRA:GIX) reports a copy of today’s Stellar Resources Ltd (ASX:SRZ) news release which outlines their rapid progress on the Heemskirk tin project in Tasmania as well as an outline of activities for the next three months.

US Taking Steps to Stop Trade in Conflict Minerals

In an exclusive interview with Tantalum Investing News, Mike Davis of Global Witness explains the humanitarian conditions on the ground in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the steps needed to ensure the security of civilians and an end to ‘conflict minerals’ exploitation in the region.

Conflict Minerals: ITRI Supply Chain Initiative Fails to Address Major Issues

The International Tin Research Industry announced that it is moving forward to Phase II of its Tin Supply Chain Initiative (iTSCi). However, there are some major weaknesses in the plan and some say it doesn’t go far enough in addressing the larger issues associated with the DRC conflict mineral trade.

Tantalum: Congo Conflict Mineral

Natural resources like tin, tungsten and tantalum have been branded with the moniker “conflict minerals” because the militias enslave locals to mine the metals and then use the funds garnered from their sale to help finance their bloody operations.